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The truth about Pornography- Biblical Truths

Biblical Perspective about Porn:

1. Mind set on the flesh is death. Mind set on the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 8:6

2. Pornography pretends to be a substitute for love but wants to control, enslave and later condemn.

3. Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry and based on a lies, special effects and has nothing to do with love.

4. Pornography is sin impersonating intimacy. (Intimacy must be built on love, respect, honor, commitment, purity, trust & godliness.)

5. Pornography wants to hinder & prevent pure expressions of God's love & rob us of our relationship with God and our loved one.

6. Pornography desires to rob us of our salvation.

7. Pornography wants to dominate our thoughts, dwelling there eventually causing us to act on our thoughts, hurting others, ourselves, God and our Christian testimony.

8. Pornography doesn't portray care for women. It portrays selfishness, lust, abuse and impatience not trusting in or waiting on God to meet our needs.

9. Pornography plays on our desires by impersonating comfort and affection but it desires our death; it's always a trap!

10. Pornography promotes sin using strangers; unwitting ardent sinners who don't care about God, themselves or their relationships and jeopardize all of our relationships.

11. It's really Satan and demons in alluring appearance "perfuming the sin" (recognize It's the ENEMY!)

12. Pornography wants to destroy us and others; joining us to demonic immorality, not godly love. 1 Corinthians 6:16

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