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What is an Ethical Adoption?

An Ethical Adoption is when the child's rights and biological parents rights are first and foremost honored. Preserving a child with biological family needs to be the number one sought after objective. If a biological mother & biological father are unable to care for their child then relatives need to be considered next. Biological fathers need to have the same rights as biological mothers. If there are no biological family members available or willing then close friends need to be considered next. If there are no biological family or relatives or close friends available then and only then should adoption outside the family circle be considered.

Adoption should only occur if its in the best interest of the child.

An Adoption should not destroy lives. -Rocky Matranga

A few statements to consider:

-Adoption is set in place to occur only if the birth family and close relatives can no longer care for the child and agree that adoption is in the best interest.

-We live in a world where families are desperate for a child due to fertility issues, personal needs and desires. Often times couples seek a baby without understanding where exactly this baby is coming from.

-If there are grandparents and relatives grieving over the loss of a child through adoption most likely the adoption was not handled ethically.

-Adoption agencies more often times then not are after the payments not the heart of the child. Adoption agencies are in a desperate state to pay salaries, keep utilities on, and make the monthly budget rather then actually helping true orphans and families come together.

-If anyone is making money after a child or an adoption then this is simply not ethical.

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