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Top 10 Reasons why I love BMW's & MINI Coopers

1. BMWs and MINIs are German engineered.

2. BMWs and MINIs are a blast to drive!

3. BMWs and MINIs beautiful good looks are always "form follows function"

4. Because BMWs and MINIs are designed for the German Autobahn they have to be incredible!

5. Nothing feels as good as a BMW or MINI; my customers say: "they make driving fun again!"

6. BMW and MINI don't imitate they innovate.

7. 40 years of Ultimate Driving Machines!

8. BMWs and MINIs have a perfect blend of performance and luxury.

9. BMWs and MINIs inspire because they are inspired.

10. BMWs and MINIs bring back the "Joy in driving!"

Here is a dorky video of me back in the days when I sold MINI Coopers in Tacoma, Washington!

I love working for BMW & MINI! Great companies, great vehicles, and a lot of fun.

Here are some reviews from some of my clients:

To visit BMW official site CLICK HERE

To visit MINI official site CLICK HERE

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